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Founded in 1996, Sygest is an Information Technology company specialized in the field of mechanical engineering, highly experienced in business process management and business process control. We have the privilege of partnering with outstanding companies in ICT-related field, designing customized systems and services to meet our customer needs. Sygest is a globally active company, proving suitable solutions for sophisticated production processes, and developing software for business and process management.

Going into more details, our proposals for mechanical engineering companies focus on the following areas: software for the creation of spare parts catalogs, 3D spare parts manuals, packing list photo, PLM solutions, make-to-order process management (link to ERP). Highly specialized in developing solutions for business process management and business process control, Sygest facilitates effective data processing and information flow and thus helps to optimize complex business processes related to the areas mentioned above. As a result, businesses can improve operational efficiency, raise productivity, and ultimately increase profits.

Over the last nine years, with our considerable expertise in Adobe technology, we have developed innovative products for Public Administration concerning application and procedure management and the cloud processes, again focusing on streamlining operations through a general improvement in business management and process management.

The objective of Sygest is to assist companies by proposing software solutions capable of improving business processes and information management, and speeding up the consultation of materials, in order to help to increase the overall business efficiency.

“Innovating means knowing technology and processes, being alongside customers, and addressing with them optimization in terms of efficiency and effectiveness”

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Artemio Bisaschi
Artemio BisaschiCEO
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Emanuela CorradiniSales Manager
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Stefano MaestriCTO

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