Digital documents are now a reality and the possibility to control/monitor their use has become a necessity.

With DRM (Digital Right Management) of AEM Forms (Adobe Experience Manager Forms), it is possible to protect documents proactively, monitoring their use throughout their entire life cycle:

  • definition of the level of protection and number of authorizations required for each document
  • control over who accesses the document and under what circumstances
  • possibility to change the security settings at any time of the document life cycle
  • Encryption of documents (PDF or Microsoft Office)
  • Authentication of users based on the definition of their access righ
  • Settings of confidentiality criteria
  • the document protection method can be modified at any time even after its distribution
  • Access to documents even from mobile devices
  • Control registers that allow knowing how and where a user accessed the document
  • Update of documents, even after their distribution
  • Revocation of access to documents
  • Detection of anomalies

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