SolidRules® InCentro is the quality solution for managing document and CAD archives

SolidRules® InCentro is the ideal choice for those who render CAD as the centre of gravity for all technical information. PDM is a complex system that is not only difficult to implement but also slows down processes within your company. This is all the more so if the PDM is not SolidRules® InCentro that is simply powerful!

  • How much time is lost searching for what you are after?
  • How much has it cost you to re-design a component just because you didn’t realise it was already available?
  • How much has it cost you to recover all files of the machine on a specific date some months ago?
  • How much has it cost you to submit an unapproved change to production?
  • Why suffer if the solution to your problems is simple, flexible and at hand?

SolidRules® InCentro is the solution that renders CAD the centre of gravity for all technical information. If you only want to have valid information in the CAD files, SolidRules® InCentro is for you. SolidRules® InCentro is for anyone dreaming of software that improves the way of operating right from installation. SolidRules® InCentro is for those seeking to enhance the historical archive.

  • Searches: the right data at the right time, even when dealing with millions of documents.
  • Encoding: a powerful and entirely customisable coding and classification system.
  • Vaulting: manages your data securely by storing all changes in a way that has never been easier.
  • Automation: massive printouts, archive enhancement, conversions, title block replacement, and everything else needed to automate flows.
  • Cooperation: just a single click to discover which orders are open on the document being edited or to have an understanding of the workload.
  • Multi-document: capable of operating on documents of any kind with the same ease.
  • Multi-site: natively multi-site and able to operate even with a slow connection.
  • Thinking in a “centric-CAD” way: the simplest path to having only valid, organised, classified and immediately-available information in the documents.
  • Thinking in a “document-centric” way: a CAD assemblage is a document, an Office file is a document, a non-compliance is a document. And if everything can be thought of as a document, then everything can be managed by SolidRules® InCentro.
  • Thinking in a “company-centric” way: From the file system to the container in which all the official documents and information that advance your company is held. All company documents can be presented in a simple and flexible web interface for distributing information to all corporate departments, on any device and through authorisation policies.

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