MdM 4.0 – Machine-driven Maintenance: machine-driven maintenance in the Engineering Industry

Description of the project

The project will create a dialogue system between the machines in the field and the DIGITAL ADVANCED VISUALIZATION (DAV – Sygest product), which will graphically show ongoing problems and necessary maintenance on the 3D model of the machine. All data generated during the interaction between the machines and the DAV software, are transmitted and stored in the cloud in order to effectively and efficiently support future strategic and operational decisions.


Following a market analysis conducted by Sygest, via meetings with its customers or engineering companies within the Sygest customer target range, it was noted that the topic of Service 4.0 is certainly of great interest.
Our solution is innovative for the target market (machinery suppliers with an average turnover) and the goal is to be among the first to offer this solution.


The implementation of this project will put Sygest in an extremely advantageous position compared to its other competitors (companies who make documentation software for machine assistance) by creating a very close working relationship with machinery suppliers. This should lead to a considerable increase in turnover and continuity with software maintenance and related projects.

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund