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Packing List Photo: innovation and efficiency in international shipping management

The following article presents a successful case study of one of our customers who implemented the Packing List Photo solution – machine module (click here), in the area of international shipping.

The use of the Packing List Photo solution (click here), by a company operating in Italy, was intended to improve the management of packing list with photos for the production of bus components, both to a non-EU company and to end customers.

The main objective was to reduce the timeframe totals of the shipping goods, since both the production and assembly stages take place in a non-EU country while the documentation, which includes all the parts to be picked up and shipped for each job order, is created at the Italian site (Read more).

The other need was to accurately identify the code used, especially in cases where the same code was used multiple times within the same packing list.

Packing List Photo: gestione delle spedizioni internazionali | Sygest

Goods shipment: operational flow Italy – Non-EU country – Customer

Production in the non-EU country involves partial assembly of components, which are then packed and stored pending an international shipping request from the Italian headquarters.

Using the Packing List Photo software solution (click here) Italian operators upload the packing list to the web portal, which can be accessed by both operators in Italy and abroad.

Prior to the adoption of the application developed by Sygest, components were processed and placed in crates before receiving a request for goods shipment. With the new system, however, the labeling stage takes place before the packing stage: each case requires a photo packing list created by the Italian office, with labels printed and read by the foreign company.

L’operatore nel paese extra UE, durante la generazione della packing list (o distinta dei colli), utilizza l’app Packing List Photo (clicca qui) per leggere e fotografare tutti i componenti da spedire, posizionandoli poi nelle rispettive casse e imballi.

Each crate is labeled with a QR-code that allows the contents to be displayed with photos demonstrating what is actually inside. On theapplication portal, it is then possible to view the contents of the packing list photo through different outputs. (Read more).

When a international shipping From the non-EU country, an Italian operator accesses the portal dedicated of Packing List Photo and selects the packing lists (which coincide with a single case) to be merged to then create the real shipment, assigning it a unique identifier: by accessing the portal, an Italian operator selects the boxes that are to be shipped to Italy, creating a new final packing list with an actual delivery number.

The non-EU operator then proceeds to read the crates and place them on trucks/containers, this allows the entire international shipment to be closed.

The delivery arrives in Italy, where it is dismembered and partially re-assembled to create a new photographic packing list. In such a situation, it is not necessary to re-label the parts or bin again; it is only necessary to apply the labels to the new parts or bins.

The labels are generated in such a way as to have only the item barcode within the item barcode, and then request the quantity filled at the time of reading; the cases are identified through a unique internal code and inserted nomenclature that differentiates bin and item.

In questo modo il nostro cliente non deve ri-etichettare tutto, riducendo notevolmente il tempo di identificazione, etichettatura e verifica dei dati: l’operatore non deve rileggere tutte le parti (riaprendo nuovamente le casse) ma solo l’intero bin poiché il sistema è in grado di recuperare le informazioni degli item, e relative foto, contenute al suo interno.

A questo punto la consegna, leggendo i bin precedentemente creati e creando le nuove associazioni item-bin, è pronta per essere spedita al cliente finale.

Results achieved through Packing List Photo

L’implementazione della soluzione software Packing List Photo di Sygest (clicca qui) permette così all’azienda di ridurre le tempistiche delle operazioni di packing, di evitare errori di spedizione merce e di offrire un valore aggiunto in termini di service e customer care ai clienti finali.

This innovation has improved the efficiency of the packing list management process by ensuring greater accuracy and transparency throughout the supply chain.

More info

To receive more information and insights related to Packing List Photo software solution and international shipment management, please email us at e.corradini@sygest.it