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Packing List Photo: Webinar on the added value of the photo packing list in the shipment of machines and spare parts

Thursday, May 30 – from 14:30 to 15:30 – Sygest will hold an interesting webinar dedicated to its innovative Packing List Photo software solution (link) that creates a detailed photographic packing list of the packages containing the shipped material, ensuring precise and detailed control of shipped and packaged goods.

The photo packing list management process takes advantage of all the modern technologies that can read the QR-code applied to individual packages.In the webinar we will analyze in more detail the specific case related to the shipment of machines and spare parts.

Join the webinar to learn more about Packing List Photo (link) and learn how this software solution can optimize your company’s shipping processes:

Particularly in the machinery sector, which is characterized by the complexity of machines and the need for precise assembly of spare parts, a solution such as that provided by the photographic packing list becomes extremely crucial in order to more easily locate and identify machine parts for assembly.

The functionality of Packing List Photo (link) offer companies a totally comprehensive and integrated approach to freight shipment management, enabling them to optimize logistics processes, reduce customs transit times and ensure regulatory compliance.

Packing List Photo - Webinar on Shipping Machines and Spare Parts

Topics that will be covered in the webinar

  • Overview of the Packing List Photo solution: we will delve into the details of this innovative solution with a particular focus on the extended machine module, exploring the integration and benefits of using it;
  • Live demo of Packing List Photo’s spare parts module: you will have the opportunity to see the spare parts module in action and understand its operational flow;
  • Case studies: we will present concrete success stories of our customers who have adopted the solution, exploring the initial peculiarities, objectives and results achieved through the implementation of the extendend and spare parts machine modules

Packing List Photo: machinery and spare parts module

Packing List Photo (link), a module of SYS Suite, is the innovative solution devised by Sygest for creating a packing list of material shipped inside crates or pallets (to which a QR-code is applied), with associated photographs.

Through the use of the photographic packing list, both shipper and consignee will always be able to keep track of the shipment and see on the display of their devices the products actually contained within the packages, with all possible information to better identify the goods being shipped.

The attention given to this stage ensures a high level of control between the material shipped and that prepared by the packer and avoids: customs detentions, customer disputes, shipping errors, and additional costs related to delays and/or reshipments.

Additional benefits include the ability to manage disassembly configurations and to support the field assembler in knowing the correct location of disassembled parts(Packing List Photo – machine module).

Tax Credit Facilities

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is the tax benefits from the Credito di Imposta 4.0 (for more details) from which the Packing List Photo solution benefits, which, falling within the context of Beni Strumentali 4.0, guarantees atax break of 15 percent.

For more details, please consult the Allegato B – Legge 232/2016 concerning the Piano Nazionale Industria 4.0.

So what are you waiting for, join us for this must-attend webinar and learn how Packing List Photo can improve your company’s shipping by making the process more efficient and secure.

In fact, by simply framing the QR-code, it is possible to view the images associated with each item thus obtaining actual feedback on the material shipped.

More info

To receive more information about the webinar and the topics covered, please email us at e.corradini@sygest.it