The latest SyTDoc3 release contains a series of changes to the database structure, offering greater flexibility in document management.

The most important change is the ability to assign a document to more than one order, more than one client, more than one supplier and more than one project.
Basically, as in the previous SyTDoc versions, each document could be assigned to only one of the above categories, but with this new release, one document can be assigned to more than one category.

After data conversion, SyTDoc3 is still compatible with previous versions, making it possible to continue working with the same structure as before.

  • The Traditional Interface (as in release 2)
  • The GT Interface, particularly suitable for people who work in close contact with Technical Offices (ie Production Offices) where only one window is used to manage either documents, drawings (in pdf) or technical data (articles, basic lists). The interface is practically the same as the one used in the SyTDoc CAD module.
  • The Web Interface: is a completely new interface designed for document management. Its main advantages are that it does not need to be installed locally because it can be accessed remotely (after positioning the server in DMZ). The documents are shared online by the company’s server using the ‘Sycloud Service’ technology.
    The latest SyTDoc3 release and the new interfaces will be available to clients with a maintenance contract. Data conversion and installation of the latest release will be charged to the client.
  • Login
    • Login using the user ID and password
    • Active Directory authentication (optional) via the SyCloud Service
    • Direct access to documents obtained by the automatic break out of the tree structure
  • Document Archive (Main)
    • Dynamic creation of the tree structure with automatic reshaping
    • Archive organization on different levels
    • Document download
    • Dynamic refresh of each single branch by right clicking
    • Dynamic refresh of the whole tree structure by right clicking
    • Download (.zip) of branches and/or parts of files by right clicking
    • Edit documents, selection of standard attributes by the use of the search function (popup video)
    • Edit specific attributes (text, numbers, data) by the use of dedicated keys
    • Edit notes
    • Edit Distribution List to users and/or email document
    • Automatic multilevel break out of specific documents requested
    • Management of the policy on access to documents (read, write, check approved/issued authorization)
    • Periodic authorization of documents
  • Document Progress Management
    • Issue of documents
    • Review creation, upload of files as new reviews, physical reviews, logical reviews
    • Document approval request with forwarded message via email
    • Document approval with forwarded message via email
    • Denied document approval with forwarded message via email
  • Document Query
    • Dynamic multi-level query (from 2 to 5 levels)
    • The tree structure can be personalized or the? tree structure default? can be used
  • Document Entry
    • Choice of the type of document with dynamic upload of specific attributes plus choice of type of management (with approval/without approval)
    • Upload file via the SyCloud Service Search by using the standard attributes
    • Management of default table values
    • Management of specific attributes (text, numbers, data) using the dedicated command keys
    • Note entry
    • Entry of the distribution list of documents to be sent via email
  • Document Approval
    • Display approved list Option to display a specific document in a list (with automatic break out of the tree structure)
    • Document approval
    • Denied document approval
    • Approval emails
    • Distribution of documents with attachments and direct web access link emails
  • Message Services
    • Send email messages
    • By default or personalized on request
    • Approval and denied approval
    • Send of documents with attachments and web access links

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