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Packing List Photo

Packing List Photo is the solution designed by Sygest to create a packing list of material shipped inside crates or pallets, along with related photos. The software guarantees effective control between the material shipped and material prepared by the packer.

Managing a photo packing list means exploiting new technologies that can read the QR code applied to the crate.

The user can visualize the products in it, previously photographed, on video.

It is advisable to provide information that is as clear as possible to better identify the goods being shipped. For this purpose, it is useful to manage the required information not only through codes but also with the help of images, so as to better identify each individual component/product.

What is meant by packing list?

A packing list is literally a list of packagings contained in one or more freight shipments, i.e. a non-fiscal document that must indicate the data that identifies the external aspect of the packages. It is a bill of material of the parts contained in a package and/or shipment, it is generally used in exports and it is compulsory to attach it to invoices for non-European Union countries.
A packing list can be placed in multiple crates, but a crate can contain only one packing list. The material is checked through a label, reading the printed bar code.
An operator can only have one packing list in processing, which is automatically proposed. Otherwise, it is sufficient to read the bar code to manage the related packing list.

This control system of material shipped allows viewing the contents of a package by creating a unique link between the packages and the shipment they are part of. A packing list is a solution that is easy to consult as it can be viewed from every operating system and on various devices such as PC, tablet and smartphone, thus reducing customs and site inspection times.
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