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Management of spare parts catalog from mobile devices

Spare Parts CatalogApp Spare Parts is the application generated by Spare Parts Catalog Builder (the software that automatically creates spare parts manuals) that allows managing a spare parts catalog from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphone (Android operating system), iPad and iPhone (iOS operating system).

With App Spare Parts, spare parts management is carried out in mobility. From a device, the user can:

  • view spare parts manuals
  • navigate interactively the bill of material, 2D tables and 3D models
  • order spare parts
  • manage electrical and pneumatic systems

App Spare Parts can be downloaded from:

  • Apple Store
  • Google Play

App Spare Parts, allowing the use of the spare parts catalog in 3D format on mobile devices, offers the opportunity to have other functions at your fingertips:

  • rendering and direct observation of the component
  • visualization of the activities needed for assembly and disassembly of parts (3D model animations, realistic video and photo images)
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Download spare parts catalogs that are always updated via on-line mode
  • Work off-line on spare parts catalogs downloaded
  • Navigate in previews of 2D tables and 3D models
  • Navigate a 2D table or 3D model by selecting the code on the bill of material
  • View interactive captions of 2D projects
  • Select and view the features of the components requested
  • View an interactive exploded table (using pan and zoom) and order, within a cart, the desired spare parts with a simple touch
  • Search by code, description, page number
  • Order spare parts with a simple click
  • Prepare the order in view of a subsequent submission, in off-line mode
  • Save the cart of parts to be ordered
  • View the purchase order and decide when the spare parts required should actually be sent
  • Send the cart via e-mail, in on-line mode
  • Change the language of use

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