Documentazione 3D | Digital Advanced Visualization

Management of models in 3D format and associated documentation

3D DocumentationDigital Advanced Visualization by Sygest is the innovative application that allows managing models in 3D format and related documentation, viewing information associated with individual components of the bill of material.

With Digital Advanced Visualization, the user can visualize and manage missing parts and pieces directly from the 3D model or bill of material, navigating it interactively.

Therefore, Digital Advanced Visualization is a useful tool in both the construction and assembly of the machine and after-sales service, for workshop visualization and visual spare parts manager.

The Digital Advanced Visualization work environment uses all the information from the 3D model.

Navigation can be via both the bill of material and directly on the 3D model, with continuous interaction between the two worlds: touching the code on the bill of material highlights the corresponding part on the 3D drawing and vice versa.

It is also possible to associate any type of documentation (2D exploded, realistic photo images, videos, and animations) at each node of the bill of material.

  • Interactive navigation of the bill of material, documentation and 3D model
  • Immediate recognition of spare parts to be ordered
  • Use, during machine assembly, as workshop viewer, and visual management of missing parts for assembly
  • Spare parts management directly through the 3D model
  • Use and maintenance documentation associated with the overall 3D model and its individual components
  • Visualization of the bill of material and component selection at various levels
  • Visualization of metadata associated with components: code, material, designer
  • Association of maintenance and assembly documents to the various groups
  • Possibility to create and share animations of the 3D model, useful for showing assembly and disassembly activities of model elements (basic maintenance activities)
  • Direct action on 3D models, moving or hiding some groups and viewing missing parts
  • Inserting and viewing notes associated with groups
  • Creating a cart with the list of selected components to be sent by e-mail

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