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MdM 4.0 – Machine-driven Maintenance for Industry 4.0

MdM 4.0 assists the manufacturer in providing an advanced human-machine interface, creating a dialogue between the machines sold and the digital maintenance system offered by Sygest (Web Spare Parts, App Spare Parts, Digital Advanced Visualisation), visually depicting on the 3D model of the machine any ongoing issues and the necessary maintenance. All machine-generated data can be transmitted and saved to the Cloud so as to effectively and efficiently support future strategic and operational decisions as well as be proactive towards the end customer.

Versatile software collects signals from the PLC, sensors and so on to then collocate on a local server database:

  • device detection at predefined intervals
  • event-based machine alarms (alarm start and end)
  • system operating times or individual operations
  • machine efficiency in real-time (productivity, stoppages)

The configurability:

  • allows you to work with any type of machine produced, intercepting alarms, thresholds exceeded by variables that induce signalling and providing the correct information to onsite maintenance personnel and those of the manufacturer;
  • gives the possibility to activate maintenance both inside the plant to request the intervention of the end customer’s technicians along with requesting assistance directly from the manufacturer for specialist interventions.

The data can be exported to a cloud platform available to the manufacturer, used to extract statistics and instructions useful for improving the machines.

The Dashboard includes:

  • web-configuration for the user monitoring the signals gathered, to then be processed with KPI logic and alarm signals/critical aspects;
  • a mobile app available to the plant or maintenance manager to verify the machine/plant operation in real time.

The 3D graphical interface (DAV), used in the plant aboard the machine or on a tablet connected thereto, highlights:

  • the part of the machine in which an alarm has occurred (corrective maintenance);
  • the part that, depending on the number of working hours or the number of repeated actions, warns of the need to replace a certain component (preventive maintenance).

The DAV interface represents an advanced Human-Machine Interface (HMI) where maintenance support is integrated with the reporting of the problems to have occurred.

Preventive maintenance is focused on the component by taking into account the “control” thresholds of individual drives and motors, without forcing the maintainer to completely change a set of parts when a certain number of hours is reached (despite this also being possible).

The Cloud version is mainly aimed at the manufacturer, which can be made available to the customer so as to view the situation of the machines in the various establishments located around the world through the appropriately-profiled Web/Web App dashboard.

The third industrial revolution had already brought sensors and signals to the factories for machine automation. The fourth industrial revolution shows that the data generated by such systems has a value that must be exploited by both the manufacturer and the user. Sygest has rendered this data immediately exploitable in terms of maintenance and accessible so as to provide information through Machine-driven Maintenance (MdM).

The user has a new tool to interactively manage the maintenance of their machines. It is no longer a question of reading long manuals to interpret diagnostic signals coming from the machine but is driven by the machine in executing the operations necessary to restore the fault, in a visual and immediate manner.

For their part, the manufacturer can use all the information stored in the system to generate statistics on the operation of the plants and extract useful information whilst being warned by the machine of any ongoing problem or maintenance to be carried out, even before the customer is informed, thus becoming proactive in providing production continuity and assistance to the plant.

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