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Packing List Photo

Packing List Photo is the solution designed by Sygest to create a packing list of the material shipped inside crates or pallets, with the related  photographs. The packing list software guarantees an effective control distinguishing between the material shipped and the material that has been prepared by the packer.

Managing a photographic packing list means to take advantage of  the new technologies that can read the QR code hung on to the crate.

Thanks to our shipping management software, the user can view on a video the products contained in the packing list, that were previously photographed.

It is important to provide the clearest possible information in order to better identify the goods that have been shipped. For this reason, it is useful to manage the required information not only through codes but also with the help of images, in order to better identify each single component/product.

Discover all the details of our shipping management software with photographic packing list in the tables below, take another step towards the digital innovation for your company.

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