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Web platform for the automatic management of after sales service

After Sales – Service After Sales is a web platform designed to optimally and automatically manage After sales service and technical assistance, with particular attention to aspects related to customer calls and the management and planning of technical interventions.
Service After Sales allows centrally managing customer calls and monitoring on-site technical interventions, planning work, and completion times.

Starting from the planner, the operator views the details of the interventions realized or planned for each technician, and also tracks a list of the hours dedicated to each individual activity performed by the technicians.
Service After Sales integrates perfectly with Spare Parts Catalog Builder, Sygest software for the creation of spare parts manuals, since, in the process of estimating and summarizing interventions, the parts codes to be selected can be selected using the SYS Suite database.

The main structure around which the entire architecture of after sales service management revolves is identified in the call and intervention elements.
Service After Sales helps the company keep a database of customer calls, whether they require actual on-site activities, or whether they concern simple request for information or telephone troubleshooting. A new call assumes the existence of a possible corresponding intervention, which is created automatically.
Service After Sales also allows opening an intervention without immediately assigning the technician: track of incomplete planning is kept so that it is easy to complete it as soon as an appropriate technician is found.

Service After Sales is undoubtedly the ideal solution for companies that have a lot of technical personnel working externally: the application makes it easy to entrust specific activities and ensure the related execution to be billed.
Service After Sales offers an ideal guarantee of support and service to the customer, for companies with offices in different countries thanks to its web and multilingual platform: technicians can intervene in the program from anywhere and allow another operator to manage everything centrally.
Interventions can therefore be monitored continuously, and integration with SYS Suite is also possible for integrated spare parts management.
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