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Automatic creation of interactive 2D and 3D spare parts manuals

The creation of the spare parts catalog and its consultation are among the most expensive activities in companies, which is why integrating a spare parts management software increases the value of your company, automating the creation itself. With 2D and 3D spare parts management software, you can optimize all the time management related to catalogs and their creation.

Spare Parts Catalog Builder: the software for the automatic creation of interactive 2D and 3D parts catalog. Spare Parts Software – Spare Parts Catalog Builder is the software for the automatic creation of the interactive spare parts catalog in PDF, 2D and 3D format, starting from CAD – ERP and PLM/PDM data.

Spare Parts Catalog Builder is aimed at all companies that want to improve their documentation, spare parts and service management, especially manual generation, data flow management, and spare parts management with a reliable and quality spare parts management software.

Spare Parts Catalog Builder is updated directly from the ERP PLM/PDM management system and documents from the technical office (both 2D and 3D). In this way, manuals will be automatically generated and published in different formats:

  • PDF with Adobe Reader
  • Web with Web Spare Parts
  • Tablet and smartphone with App Spare Parts
  • Desktop with Digital Advanced Visualization

Manuals are prepared quickly, regardless of the amount of data processed, reducing the possibility of making mistakes to zero.

The end result is an interactive graphic visualization of spare parts: exploded 2D tables or 3D models. Interactive content allows the user to add spare parts to the cart simply by clicking on the required component or bill of material.

The software automatically compiles the offer request, which can then be sent by e-mail, printed and sent by fax or published on the web using Web Spare Parts.

The spare parts software, operating automatically, dramatically reduces the possibility of making mistakes in compiling the order by the customer, also optimizing costs and procurement times.

Manuals are always precise, detailed and updated, achieving greater efficiency in the use of resources dedicated to these activities.

Spare Parts Catalog Builder is a multilingual software that allows generating and publishing spare parts manual, viewing and using them even via mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, iPad and iPhone).

  • Direct integration with data and information from the company’s technical and management software
  • Significant less time to prepare manuals
  • Reduced risk of making mistakes
  • Optimized customer return service
  • Continuous updating of manuals
  • Less resources dedicated to preparing and editing manuals
  • Optimized bidirectional flow of supplier-customer information
  • Management of access to data to third parties and the opportunity to work remotely (ex. external design firms of the client company)
  • Multilingual
  • Operational management in mobility via tablet, smartphone, iPad, and iPhone
  • Sharing catalogs on different formats (PDF, web, tablet, smartphone, iPad, and iPhone)

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