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Web solution for the management and sale of spare parts

On-line Spare Parts Software – Web Spare Parts is a web portal dedicated to the publication of spare parts manuals, spare parts sales and sales and after-sales documentation management, which allows easily publishing interactive 2D and 3D spare parts catalogs.

What is Web Spare Parts?
This innovative on-line spare parts software, using the Spare Parts Catalog Builder technology for catalog creation, makes it easy to choose and order spare parts. Searching for the necessary parts is immediate: the part can be selected with a simple click directly on the 2D table or on the 3D model and placed in the cart to obtain an offer/order.

The solution is the most innovative in the market because it combines 2D and 3D, allowing the company to use all the documentation in its possession.

In addition, the application is realized with a view to Industry 4.0 to allow manufacturers to connect diagnostics/maintenance of machinery and visualize the faulty components and repair methods.

Web Spare Parts, capable of interfacing with the company ERP, can show real-time tariffs for individual customers, highlight stock availability and provide estimates of supply timings if not in stock.
A user-friendly interface allows users to search for a document within a navigation tree and order the codes by clicking on the positions on the spare parts manual.

This is a very functional spare parts software, as it is possible to search for documents filtered by language, model, serial number, document type and customer – if the user is a supplier – otherwise it is possible to view offers only for the customer associated with the user. The e-commerce environment is accessible by both the company and the customer via password-controlled access to which a hardware token can be linked.

Why choose the on-line spare parts software Web Spare Parts?
One of the strengths of the system is its elasticity, which enables effective dialogue and information exchange between the company and the customer, through a workflow that makes it possible to manage the offer at various stages until it is transformed into order.

It is a multi-lingual spare parts software integrated with the company ERP; the search modes are varied and intuitive and the spare parts tables and/or 3D models can be viewed with a simple web browser.

The system allows connecting with pre-existing e-commerce applications, providing standard tools with high-impact and user-friendly graphics technology.

If integrated with Service After Sales, it allows having a complete portal for after-sales on-line management.

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