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Ticketing System: simplify customer service activities with support tickets

A software solution for managing the ticketing system (i.e., the customer support ticketing software) is an absolutely essential aspect for a company in the maintenance and after-sales areas nowadays.

We are talking about a system that can bring together and manage all customer support and help desk requests received, representing a key solution in Industry 5.0. From this point of view, the support ticket practice is much easier to organize and enables the staff in charge to solve problems much more quickly and with greater customer satisfaction.

Ticketing System: customer support ticketing software | Sygest

Anything having to do with services concerning maintenance and after-sales (and thus Industry 5.0) is now an increasingly essential junction for the business of companies engaged in the engineering and manufacturing sector. In many cases, it even accounts for the bulk of the profit, especially for those companies working on a contract basis, where each machine has a 20-30% component designed and manufactured specifically according to the end customer’s directives.

For years, many companies have handled the issue of customer service inquiries quite inappropriately by, for example, offering poorly performing web forms or using channels not directly managed by the company, with the result that reports were often ignored or not handled accurately.

Through this rather sloppy modus operandi, customer requests are not monitored and unpleasant incidents can occur, such as: multiple or duplicate reports from the same user, multiple operators responding to the same customer, without following a request history etc. With such a scenario, it becomes virtually impossible to offer efficient or even personalized service, resulting in little processional in the eyes of the customer.

Using, on the other hand, an innovative software ticketing system, customers can submit a support ticket through a prearranged channel, and operators have a complete and up-to-date view of each situation at all times. There is also a history in the system in which all of each customer’s previous requests for action and recorded interactions are stored in chronological order: in this way, the most recurring problems or the origin of new ones can be identified much more easily.

Customer communication becomes smarter and each individual support ticket is placed within an organized workflow. In this way, the whole practice is faster and more efficient: each time the user makes a request, the operators already have all the relevant information about him, such as: date and number of the last open ticket, type of interventions already carried out, etc.

By collecting and organizing all the information and monitoring individual situations over time, the software ticketing system returns a comprehensive view of customer service activities, while also providing useful insights for raising the quality of service provided, preventing possible failures and malfunctions, or for planning improvement interventions.

Ticketing System software for immediate and high-performance customer service

That of ensuring that service is always efficient and, above all, immediate is of paramount importance when the problem occurs and it becomes crucial to have a single environment from which to access and manage the various services offered.

The solution offered by a software ticketing system is now the only way to access customer service especially if we think in terms of Industry 5.0 in which H24 availability is required and guaranteed and the on-call technician is directly called upon by the system itself.

Nowadays, a manufacturing or engineering company must have a software ticketing system solution that can be provided in the cloud or on premise, so that it can be easily used by the end customer.

SolidRules®Desk is an advanced ticketing system solution capable of effectively and efficiently handling all support ticket requests. In addition, it is a CRM software developed with an Industry 5.0 perspective that alone enables management of: business opportunities, sales, service, maintenance, projects, safety, calendars, quality and production.

SolidRules®Desk is a carefully researched and designed solution for business process management: keeping in mind all the management needs of a company, it is able to significantly improve productivity, ensuring immediacy in retrieving documents, data and information, then arranging them in an orderly and intuitive way and condensing all the necessary tools that a management software should have in a single platform.

The great advantage of SolidRules is that it manages the entire after-sales environment as “virtual” folders that, depending on your choices, can contain for a freshman or a plant or a customer all the requests received, all the work performed, but also the state of the art at the time the machine itself was shipped. In short, a single environment where the information contained can be seen in various forms according to the user’s needs.

We can know the life of a machine from its serial number, know the problems it has had, the parts replaced, the work done. If, on the other hand, the focus shifts to the customer, we will be able to see how many machines or systems he or she has bought, how many times he or she has requested service, and thus whether or not he or she can consider himself or herself satisfied.

SolidRules and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

SolidRules is geared towar Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can also operate totally on the intranet, at least for the most “sensitive” issues.

Specifically, integration with AI enables:

  • Identify the support tickets most similar to the one you just received, even if written differently;
  • Immediately locate the page in the manual that deals with the reported problem;
  • Search for parts of interest using synonyms, abbreviations, in case you do not remember the code or description.

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