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Our support for the new Oncology Centre in Parma.

Our support for the new Oncology Centre in Parma.

As the Christmas holidays approach, our contribution goes to the new Oncology Centre in Parma.

In recent years, Sygest has embraced the “Together with You” project with passion and commitment, demonstrating a constant dedication to contributing to the support of the new Oncology Centre in Parma. The donations collected have been used to purchase cutting-edge technology, such as Halcyon, the latest-generation Third Linear Accelerator for Radiotherapy, which improves the precision and safety of treatments, and has significantly reduced waiting lists.

However, there are still many projects on our ‘Wish List’ that need to be completed in order for the future Oncology Centre to be a step forward. Here are a few examples:

Heaven in a room: this project aims to provide highly comfortable radiotherapy environments for both adult and paediatric patients. A cosy environment plays a key role in the emotional well-being of patients during their treatment.

Clinical trials: Investing in clinical trials is crucial to continuing to make progress in understanding and treating cancer

Surgical outpatient clinic: The creation of a state-of-the-art surgical environment within the facility will allow patients to undergo diagnostic procedures without having to travel to other departments, ensuring a complete and efficient service.

Sygest celebrates Christmas with a gesture of solidarity, helping to create comfortable environments for those who need it most.

Support the Parma Oncology Centre at this link.