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Packing List Photo

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Packing List Photo

Packing List Photo is the solution designed by Sygest to create a packing list of the material shipped inside crates or pallets, with the related photographs. The packing list software was designed for extra-ECE shipments but it also allows an effective control over the material that has been dispatched (correctness and completeness).

Managing a photographic packing list means to take advantage of the new technologies that can read the QR code applied on the crate.

In order to speed up logistical operations and customs controls, it is important to provide the clearest possible information to identify the shipping material. For this reason, it is useful to manage the packing list both through codes and pictures, so that each component can be better recognised.

The features of Packing List Photo offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to shipment management, enabling companies to optimize logistics processes, reduce customs clearance times, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Discover all the details of our shipping management software with photographic packing list in the tables below and take a further step towards digital innovation in your company.

How it works

What does Packing List Photo mean?

A packing list is literally a list of the content of packages in one or more consignments of goods, or rather a non-fiscal document aimed at identifying the material placed inside the boxes.

It is generally used in exports and it is compulsory to attach it to the invoices for non-European Union countries.

Packing List Fotografica - Tracciamento spedizioni

A handheld terminal with a barcode reader can be used to match each item to a picture coming from a pre-created archive or by taking a photograph on the spot.

The system generates as output a link and a QR-code to place on the packaging, through which the contents of the shipment is displayed.
An operator can take over and process one packing list at a time, with the opportunity to suspend the current packing list and fulfil a more urgent one.

In the private section of the web portal, the supplier and third parties authorised by the supplier (e.g. external packers, sub-suppliers) can manage the data to be entered in the packing list for export.

In the public section, the customer can view the data and photographs and verify the correct correspondence between the required parts and the parts actually contained in the packages. It is also possible to monitor in real time the packing list in progress.


Packing list photo is a user-friendly solution as the portal is web responsive - compatible with any device (PC, tablet and smartphone).

The implementation of a photographic packing list leads to a clear reduction in control times at customs, construction sites and at end customers, as well as to a more stringent internal monitoring of the shipped material by the supplier.



The photographic packing list also supports the onsite technician in finding the correct location for the disassembled parts.

Additional modules are available to manage the shipment of machine upgrades and options through the generation of fictitious labels and barcodes

Packing List Photo 3D

Packing List Photo 3D is the innovative solution to “encode and photograph” the disassembly of machinery and lines.

With Packing List Photo 3D, it is possible to:

  • select or create disassembly parts directly from the 3D model without group constraints
  • create groups to be packed in pallets/containers up to 5 levels
  • generate a Word document with the shipping details
  • generate an Excel file with packing priorities to be transferred to the hendheld terminal to rule the operators' activities

App Tag-RFID integrated with Packing List Photo solution

RFID Pallet Tracking is an automatic identification technology that enables the unique detection of both stationary and moving objects.

The use of RFID technology makes it possible to drastically reduce tracking times and errors and proves to be, in every respect, an effective and efficient solution for automating a company's logistics and production processes.

The features of App Tag-RFID are:

  • “Visually not found” parts search - to locate items and components, previously tagged with RFID traceability, within a warehouse or in an open field.
  • Shipment Package Check - to check the presence of all packages in a shipment. The list is loaded by reading a QR-code or from the company ERP and the check is made in real time with immediate display of the presence of the items.
  • Inventory - to take a physical inventory of the materials present in a certain location or to check the material being shipped by verifying the actual quantity for each item.

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