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Web Spare Parts

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Web solution for the management and sale of spare parts

Online Spare Parts Software – Web Spare Parts is a web portal dedicated to the publication of spare parts manuals. It facilitates the sale of spare parts and the management of sales and after-sales documentation, enabling the automatic publication of interactive 2D and 3D spare parts catalogues.
Web Spare Parts serves as a comprehensive customer portal, offering integration with the App Machinery Check and Packing List Photo solutions (also part of the Sys Suite), as well as with the CRM and Ticketing systems provided by Sygest (SolidRules) or any that the company already has implemented.

How it works

What is Web Spare Parts?
Web spare parts is an online spare parts software that simplifies the selection and ordering of spare parts, using the Spare Parts Catalogue Builder technology for catalogue creation. It is easy to search for the necessary parts through the portal: components can be selected with a simple click, either directly on the 2D table /3D model or from the BOM, and then added to the cart to request a quotation.

This innovative solution allows the creation of mixed 2D and 3D catalogues, enabling the company to use all existing documentation through the publication of machine-related technical manuals.
If interfaced with the company's ERP, Web Spare Parts can display real-time customer-specific prices, highlight stock availability, and estimate procurement times in the event of stock shortages.


The user-friendly interface allows users to search for a document within a navigation path and order codes by clicking on the positions in the spare parts manual.

Thanks to the responsiveness of the portal, navigation can be executed from a PC, tablet or mobile device.
Web Spare Parts permits the management of KIT and parametric codes on the positions of the exploded views. Each catalogue can be associated with a list of recommended spare parts, accessible preferentially, and can be further enhanced by associating images of the components.

This online spare parts software is highly efficient, allowing for document searches filtered by language, model, serial number, document type and customer. The e-commerce environment is accessible to both the company and the customer via password-controlled access, to which a hardware token can be linked to integrate the portal within the corporate website.
In the latest release, an explosion functionality has been added for the 3D model, as well as the option to move a component in order to make it more evident and the ability to open a ticket directly from the 2D table/3D model on the identified issue area.


The E-commerce B2B module of Web Spare Parts enables the purchase of spare parts for specific serial numbers (Dedicated Spare Parts) in both 2D and 3D mode with direct navigation on the model. It provides companies with a B2B service with B2C functionality, adding value to both the end customer's and supplier's businesses.

The solution comprises two additional modules:

  • General Spare Parts: for navigating commercial codes by searching/selecting by code, description, manufacturer or by component category.
  • Options & Upgrades: to suggest standard solutions for upgrading machines or systems, delivering the benefits of the latest technological developments to the customer's lines.

Both modules allow the user to attach a photo and a detail sheet to the component. The upload can be executed on either an individual component basis or in bulk by associating the price list.

Users will have a dedicated “My Area” section where they can view:

  • The status of orders in real time
  • Promotions and dedicated communications
  • Stock availability of the ordered material
  • The link to the packing list photo associated with the shipment (Sygest’s Packing List Photo)

For maximum information, "My Area" can be integrated with the company's CRM and/or ERP.


Why choose Web Spare Parts, the online spare parts software?
Web Spare Parts is more than just a spare parts software, it is an integrated, responsive customer portal for after-sales management. It facilitates effective communication and information exchange between the company and the customer, managing the spare parts offer at each stage through a well-structured workflow.

As a multilingual software that can be integrated with the company's ERP, it allows visualisation and navigation of spare parts tables and/or 3D models from a web browser.

The system permits connection with pre-existing e-commerce portals, CRM and ticketing applications, providing standard tools with user-friendly and visually striking graphics technology.

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