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SolidRules® Desk Web, is simply your next Corporate System

CRM – SolidRules® Desk Web is the business management software that alone manages business opportunities, sales, service, maintenance, projects, safety, calendars, quality, and manufacturing.

Adopt a CRM software developed to be a management software for industry 4.0! Traditional systems were created to manage homogeneous information and established relationships. Today, data is constantly changing and you can’t know in advance what kind of connections will be made.

You can choose tradition and have then ten products that will organize your company in silos or you can choose SolidRules® Desk Web, the best management software you could wish for, one product for all your needs.

Carefully designed keeping in mind the management needs of everyday life, our business process management software can significantly improve the overall productivity, ensuring immediately-available documents, data and drawings, always available in an orderly and intuitive way, and condensing in a single platform all the tools that a business management software should have.

Check out all the details of our CRM software in the table below and contact us if you need more information. Once you test it, you never go back: SolidRules® Desk Web is the industry 4.0 management software you’ve been dreaming of. Stop dreaming, you’ve found it!


SolidRules® Desk Web is the web solution that extends the boundaries of PLM to cover everything that serves you and your company. It is the most concrete and solid virtual desk to ever be developed. A multi-function desk where all information is always in the right place, where you can find what you need in an instant.

Despite the fact that many are able to support documents, this is the only desk in which everything remains orderly, classified and organised in a way that is better than even the best of secretaries could achieve.

On SolidRules® Desk Web, consult a document and immediately have all the relative information you need for making decisions. In fact, whilst you look for documents, data and drawings in company systems today, they will look for you with SolidRules® Web Desk tomorrow.


  • Project Management System (PMS): project management, tasks, resources, progress status, time detection and orders folder.
  • Ticketing & Service & Quality System: ticket management and assistance, organisation of instructions, manuals and non-conformities.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): corporate management, contacts and opportunities, event management, meetings and activities, contract and license management, plus calendar management.
  • Manufacturing Execution System (MES): order management, warehouse and production tracking.
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): document management and handling of lists for CAD, spare parts, production, versioning and workflow management, wiki management and email management.


There are so many reasons that render SolidRules® Web Desk the application finally able to cover all the needs you already have or that you didn’t even know you had. The first three are due to:

1.Being able to naturally do that which is bordering on the impossible for others.
2.Having that capacity to share the functions so dear to the technical office with all corporate entities.
3.Hailing from the most brazen PDM, combined with the most irreverent PLM, powered by the only Product Configurator with the capacity to achieve what seems impossible.

If you have CRM, MRP and PMS management but cannot find the solutions, then you need the unconventional approach of SolidRules® Web Desk!

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