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Interactive 3D Catalog – Digital Advanced Visualization

Management of models in 3D format and associated documentation

“3D Documentation - Digital Advanced Visualization (DAV)” by Sygest is a desktop application designed for Windows operating systems. It allows users to manage machine models in 3D format and their associated documentation through an interactive spare parts catalogue, generated by the “Spare Parts Catalog Builder”.

DAV is a multilingual, integrated maintenance software that can be used during both the machine construction phase (assembly) and the after-sales phase.


How it works

“Digital Advanced Visualization” serves as a workshop visualiser and visual parts manager. Users can navigate interactive 3D spare parts catalogues by selecting components directly from the 3D model or by interactively navigating the bill of materials.

cataloghi ricambio interattivi

Thus, DAV aids in visually distinguishing faulty parts or missing components that could hinder assembly operations. It is an effective software for quickly making decisions and performing consistent maintenance on machines.

“Digital Advanced Visualization” can be installed:

On the machine;
• on a laptop the serves the entire production line;
• on a remote PC/tablet away from the production line;
• on the PC/tablet of the maintenance personnel or site technician.

Working Environment

The working environment of the “Digital Advanced Visualization” interactive replacement catalogue utilizes all the information derived from the 3D model and permits interactive navigation from a Windows desktop application.

cataloghi ricambio interattivi

By attaching a QR code to the machines and scanning it with DAV, users can directly open the assembly linked to the code and view the associated catalogue.

The software also allows the association of interactive animations (procedures) with each machine. These animations are particularly helpful for assembly and disassembly operations, as well as internal training.

Furthermore, the software can be connected directly to the machine to receive information on alarms and parts to be replaced, or reports on periodic integrated maintenance by implementing the “Machine Driven Maintenance - MdM module”.


  • Direct access to documentation by scanning a QR code
  • Interactive navigation of the bill of materials, documentation and 3D model
  • Association of maintenance and assembly documentation with various groups
  • Creation and sharing of interactive animations of the 3D model to demonstrate basic maintenance tasks
  • Insertion and display of notes associated with groups
  • Creation of a shopping cart with a list of selected components that can be emailed
cataloghi ricambio interattivi

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