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ERP – Business Line

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ERP Extended

Modern Business ERP systems (Extended ERP, Second Generation ERP or ERP2) manage all areas that can be automated or monitored within a company, allowing users to operate in a uniform and integrated environment with the aim of better organizing and managing production processes. Initially created as management process programs for the logistics-production area, ERPs have then gradually become synergistic and modular systems.

The latest versions of ERPs have incorporated new functions that, by the use of new communication technologies, further improve the management of production processes and allow real-time dialogue between all players in the business model (vendors, consultants, technicians, suppliers, partners, branches, distributors, customers), creating new models of business management in which the company is an open system, deeply integrated with the outside world.

As a result, there are two intervention areas on which to act in order to optimize business processes with an ERP management system and restore effectiveness and efficiency:

  • internal, involving actors that operate internally within the company;
  • external, involving all the parties outside the company (vendors, consultants, technicians, but also suppliers, partners, branches, distributors, customers).

Sygest develops and commercializes ERP software solutions for industry that simplify the activities of management and administration of business processes, focusing on mechanical engineering companies and manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the food industry. For this reason, as far as the extended ERP is concerned, Sygest has chosen to rely on the technology developed by NTS Informatica. In particular, the NTS Informatica Business line is characterized by software developed with .Net technology, a solution that allows the creation of modern and scalable architecture for the connection to alternative databases to the Microsoft world.


As a matter of fact, with its twenty years of experience in the field of solutions for the organization and management of production processes for companies, NTS Informatica was among the first Italian software house to adopt the new technology to rewrite the entire ERP platform with an evolutionary approach (i.e. progressive update).


BusinessExcellence and BusinessEasy, the extended ERPs marketed by Sygest and developed by NTS Informatica, combine technology and advanced features in a single management solution: BusinessExcellence and BusinessEasy are extended ERPs consisting of several modules, corresponding to as many features and areas of business operations.

The extended ERP marketed by Sygest is mainly indicated for companies that produce on order: for this reason, Sygest offers the opportunity to download a free white paper designed for companies that operate on order (fill out the form below).



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