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Industrial IoT Platform

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Industrial IoT - Proactive field service solution to support engineering companies in implementing digital services

An Industrial IoT (Industrial Internet of Things - IIoT) platform for machinery and plant manufacturers, offering the ability to rapidly introduce new digital services capable of meeting the eco-efficiency needs of manufacturing sectors.

The transformation of the industry involves a business change that requires companies to face new challenges, such as: developing new innovative services, improving and optimizing production performance, differentiating themselves from competitors, and strengthening the bond with customers by optimizing everything related to after-sales management.

However, manufacturers still have limited or insufficient knowledge about operators' experience of using their equipment.


The Industrial IoT solution developed by InUse, exploiting the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), allows to overcome every challenge by leaving machines at the center of the customer experience by improving productivity, with the final intent of:

  • Revolutionize how businesses manage their assets.
  • Digitize your expertise to empower skills.
  • Build together proactive digital services to accelerate manufacturers’ transition to innovative services.


Remote monitoring and analysis of industrial performance are two of the services most in demand by engineering companies and are now provided directly by the Industrial IoT.

Industrial IoT - Proactive field service solution | Sygest

If you then add the possibility of being able to purchase directly, through a e-commerce spare parts (managed by a integrated interactive spare parts management software) the spare parts needed to remedy breakdowns and malfunctions of production machines, here served the decisive step toward operational excellence that lays the foundation for the development of increasingly advanced and impactful eco-efficiency services that can guarantee:

  • Digital improvement: designed to improve the performance, maintenance and optimization of processes within production sites, the digital twin enables the implementation of various related services at one or more production sites. This allows for improved performance and reduced environmental impact. In addition, through Artificial Intelligence (AI), machines are able to guide operators in decision making.
  • Predictive maintenance: transition to maintenance 4.0 by reducing production downtime and related costs. It enables the prediction and anticipation of equipment failures with smart maintenance done through accurate data analysis, thus preventing the most costly problems.
  • Performance Optimizer: boosts industrial performance and productivity through equipment connectivity. With smart performance you can easily monitor the health of your assets, analyze equipment performance and identify influencing factors.
  • Augmented instructions: improved operational efficiency achieved through fully digitized incident management, fostering better collaboration among teams and reducing incident resolution time.
  • Energy optimizer: maximizing the value of data to create a positive environmental impact. Ecological innovation as a guarantee of competitiveness. Improved operational efficiency by optimizing asset utilization, minimizing energy consumption and maximizing productivity, thereby reducing carbon footprint and energy costs.


What does integration consist of?

Starting with a machine, it is possible to monitor the machine's operation from the InUse portal and directly access the spare parts area (integrated Sygest solution) to purchase the spare parts (spare parts e-commerce) needed to solve the malfunction.

The integration between InUse's Industrial IoT platform and Sygest's interactive spare parts management software is a significant step toward industrial digitization and the smart factory.

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