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Machinery Sector

Machinery Sector

Service-oriented process management in Machinery

SYS Suite® - Company System - CAD - ERP – IUNGO

The world of Machinery (engineering companies producing machinery and plants) has always been the subject of interest from the IT world because it is one of the most advanced sectors in the field of business process automation.

software gestionale azienda metalmeccanica

And it is thanks to the digital solutions offered by Sygest that companies in the machinery sector are achieving an unprecedented level of business efficiency.

It all started in the 1980s, when the first digitisation of production processes began: CAD software was introduced in companies, ushering in the era of digitisation of business processes.

software gestionale azienda metalmeccanica

The 1990s were the years when the first PDM (Product Data Management) started to appear in companies, bringing further innovation in the digitisation of production processes, which over time evolved into PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). Towards the end of the first decade of the 2000s, the Internet exploded online collaboration with suppliers (e-procurement software) and customers (e-commerce software), giving new impetus to a general process of corporate digitisation. Today we speak of Industry 4.0 and, even more, of Service 4.0: the doors are open to the realisation and application of software for machinery companies, in order to meet the new requirements. The entire machinery sector, with the evolution that started in the last century and still continues today, has realised that it cannot stop at just selling machinery because the company's business is not sustained. The solution is an evolution, hand in hand with the available technology, towards a Machinery company capable of making a difference not only through the machinery sold, but also and above all through the after-sales service provided.

This need for change has meant that PLMs have replaced PDMs because it has become necessary to take into account the entire product life cycle: from design to well beyond installation. This new vision of the Machinery sector's business gave birth to a new concept: “Design to Serve”- design performed with a view to the services to be provided by the company to the buyer.

Today's buyers expect a lot from after-sales and services in general, expectations that go far beyond the IT component: there is the need to provide punctual and rapid deliveries with timely, effective and efficient maintenance, the need to always be aware of the status of orders thanks to tracking systems, the need to access services remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over the last 25 years, Sygest has experienced the process of company digitisation as a protagonist: the evolution brought about by the digitisation of company processes appears to be a natural and physiological growth path, especially since innovation and process improvement has always been the company's mission.

It is with pride that Sygest has for many years now been offering technologically advanced solutions to improve company efficiency and productivity through various types of management software for machinery companies, with a view to digitising production and administrative processes.

The crux of the processes must be their simplicity and integration with all business areas. The PLM solution proposed by Sygest (Solid Rules®) starts with the technical configurator (design automation) and the configurator of commercial offers up to the management of assistance (ticketing), passing through the management of technical data (PDM integrated with the most widespread CAD on the market), CRM and, if desired, factory data, integrating in a single database all the information that can be extrapolated with Artificial Intelligence tools.

Solid Rules® thus becomes a true “Company System” because, if we exclude the administrative functions typical of an ERP, it is capable of satisfying all the needs of a company in the Machinery sector and, above all, of connecting design to Service.

In the service area, Sygest offers SYS Suite®, recognised on the market as one of the best products for generating interactive 2D and 3D parts catalogues, which can be published on the Web, PC and App (iOS and Android). The App solution works both online and offline and is therefore unique in its kind, allowing you to consult spare parts catalogues and maintenance documentation even if you are disconnected from the Internet.

For Industry 4.0, the MdM (Machine-driven Maintenance) solution integrates machine data with documentation and interactive spare parts catalogues, to help the maintainer with digital and user-friendly tools.

As part of this new approach to the market, Sygest proposes a series of solutions integrated into SYS Suite® to provide the digital environment that helps companies exploit the after-sales business. Shipments are also an essential element of the process, both inbound (IUNGO) and outbound (Packing List Photo).

As far as shipments are concerned, in addition to photos, the insertion of RF-ID TAGs on the shipped boxes is crucial: the objective is not to forget components or items to be shipped and at the same time to support users in preventing and averting any loss of goods en route.

NTS Informatica's Business Cube Excellence acts as a central glue for small and medium-sized companies looking for a flexible, modular, but also 'extended' and technologically advanced ERP, operating on both mobile and offline devices.