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Spare Parts Catalog Builder

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Automatic creation of interactive 2D and 3D spare parts manuals

The creation of a spare parts catalogue and its consultation are among the most time-consuming activities in companies. Integrating a spare parts management software is essential for enhancing your company and automating the entire production process. Our software for managing 2D and 3D spare parts catalogues allows you to optimize lead times and streamline operations.

Spare Parts Software - Spare Parts Catalog Builder is the solution to automatically create interactive PDF, 2D, 3D and mixed spare parts catalogues from CAD - ERP and PLM/PDM data.

Spare Parts Catalog Builder is addressed at all companies that want to improve their documentation, spare parts and service management, more specifically the generation of manuals, data flow and spare parts management with a reliable and high-quality spare parts software.

How it works

Through a customised connector, data from ERP - PLM/PDM and CAD (both 2D and 3D) are processed and made usable for the Spare Part Catalog Builder. This allows the company to independently generate and publish multilingual manuals in different formats:

  • Interactive 2D PDF with Adobe Reader
  • Web portal with Web Spare Parts (online)
  • Mobile App (android, IoS) with App Spare Parts (online/offline)
  • Desktop visualisation with Digital Advanced Visualisation (online/offline) which can be interfaced with Machine driven Maintenance (MdM) - maintenance management software
realizzazione cataloghi ricambi

Process automation

Spare Parts Catalog Builder is compatible with all 2D and 3D CAD, integrating directly with:

• Solid Edge
• Solidworks
• AutoCAD
• Inventor
• Creo
• Catia

Manuals are produced quickly, regardless of the amount of data processed, reducing the possibility of errors and operators time. A simple click is all it takes to obtain the finished catalogue.

The end result is an interactive graphic visualisation of the parts: exploded 2D tables or 3D models or mixed catalogues. The interactive content allows the user to add spare parts to the shopping cart simply by selecting the required component on the viewer or the bill of materials.

The spare parts software, operating automatically, drastically reduces the possibility of errors in the customer's order compilation, also optimising costs and procurement time.

Manuals are always accurate, detailed and up-to-date, resulting in more efficient use of resources dedicated to these activities.


  • Direct integration with data and information from the company's technical and management software
  • Significant reduction in the time taken to edit manuals, thus relieving the workload of the technical department
  • Constant updating of manuals
  • Better identification of components to be replaced
  • Operational management and sharing of catalogues on different interfaces (PDF, web, tablet, smartphone, iPad and iPhone)

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