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SolidRules® Configurator Office is the solution that standardises and speeds-up the production of all corporate documents

In the industry field, it’s well-known that managing business documents and configuring products, and thus all that goes with it takes a lot of time and effort. Why don’t you adopt a streamlined and agile commercial offer management software that can improve business management and information flows?

There is no such thing as a negative answer, that’s why we provide you with our product configurator software that can standardize and speed up the creation of all company documentation related to products. Indeed, our management software creates commercial offers, manuals, dossiers, and much more, creating standards that on the one hand improve the corporate image and on the other speed up all aspects of business document management.

Configurator Office SolidRules® is the unconventional configurator for those who prefer solutions to problems. Request, offer, documentation, sales, and automation are its bread-and-butter.

Improve business flow management with software that can speed up all your business document production procedures. Start enhancing your business management and information flows now and kick-start a new golden age for your company. Find out all the details of our product configurator software and how it can help you with business document management in the tables below.


SolidRules®Configurator Office is perfect for those seeking to configure their products by standardising and speeding-up the production of all corporate documents (commercial offers, technical specifications, use and maintenance manuals, technical files, modification requests, reports, non-conformities, machinery directives) without sacrificing the flexibility of everyday tools such as Word® and Excel®.

It is the proposal for those wanting to continue producing their own documents whilst using a less anarchic and more effective approach, which guarantees:

  • Standardisation
  • Speed
  • A drastic reduction in errors
  • Multi-language management
  • Secure document storage
  • Quick search
  • Workflow


  • All documents are created via pathways that are user-defined and guided.
  • Configuration is achieved by answering questions in the preferred language, whilst the final document can be produced in the client’s tongue or that used in your company.
  • It is possible to eliminate errors due to inexperience and incompetence via the standardisation and speeding-up of document creation.

  • Since everything is integrated, it is not necessary to open the Management screen of the CRM nor that of the PDM to create a document.
  • The integration with Microsoft Office Word® and Excel® solutions is complete.
  • Every employee, agent and supplier is equipped with scaled solutions, updated automatically that firstly permit generating documents free from errors before then sharing the information with all departments without having to rewrite, without any ambiguity.
  • Information is retrieved through full-text searches on the entire archive for quick exploration.
  • Documents can be stored either on the file system itself, securely via management of the versions, or directly on web documents.
  • The application is usable in desktop or web mode and can be used on PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-list, multi-departmental, multi-device and even multi-purpose.


  • All information is presented through guided selection pathways on PCs, tablets, the web and smartphones in a click or touch.
  • Instant searches and secure archiving tools (with history logging) are offered for all corporate documents on which you can work in the office, at home or in remote locations.
  • The final document can be created in any format, including Word® or Excel®, guaranteeing the utmost flexibility.

  • The system can also be utilised via the internet in online mode or even offline, yet always on valid data.
  • Links can be created with various information sources (Management, CAD, PDM or CRM).
  • Statistical analysis systems are able to evaluate your productivity, reduce losses and maximise victories.
  • If needs change, your solutions can be modified and distributed automatically to everyone, from the comfort of your desk.

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