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IUNGO - for supply chain management (SCM)

A supply chain approach in Industry 4.0 requires a Supply Chain Management (SCM) platform.

IUNGO is the solution for the efficient and effective management of the supply chain in the mechanical industry. Designed with the needs of logistics and supply chain management in mind, its non-invasive approach to suppliers allows any size company to build its own e-supply chain in a matter of weeks, integrating all types of suppliers and subcontractors anywhere in the world.

Look at the tabs and discover all the details about the technology and the advantages of our software designed for the supply chain in the mechanical industry.

How it works

The SCM solution technology is encapsulated within IUNGOmail, i.e. e-mails generated automatically from the system with ERP dialogue that are used for:

shipment of orders (with any attachments to be downloaded)
communications management (offer requests, automatic reminders, supplier measurement reports, etc.)

soluzioni per la supply chain

Orders are sent to the supplier in HTML format and contain in rows the list of material requested. The supplier can accept some rows and refuse others by modifying the order. When the contract is confirmed, the SCM management system automatically updates the management, while retaining a track of negotiations between the customer and supplier.
With regard to offer requests, the customer can make a quotation request to see which supplier offers the most advantageous prices. It is also possible to have information on the place of origin of the product (advantageous information for customs controls). The SCM solution also allows printing product labels with bar codes to put on ordered pieces.
Iungo respects the procedures and working methods of suppliers: no cost, no site to visit, no password to remember, no procedures to modify.


Tactics – internal efficiency

  • reduced purchase order management time
  • automatic (and systematic) sending of reminders and delivery plans
  • automatic attachment of drawings, etc.
  • electronic validation of the order issue
soluzioni per la supply chain

Strategic – SCM performance

  • improved delivery reliability and reduced time
  • increased reliability of production programming
  • better measurement of supplier performance
  • simplification and standardization of information flows
  • less stock and lost sales
  • more time for Purchasing Marketing for supplier development


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