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OEE: How to calculate and optimise potential and production systems

In the context of production process efficiency, calculating and optimising OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) plays a key role for companies wishing to maximise productivity and reduce waste. In this article, we will explore the concept of OEE, how to calculate it and the solutions offered by Sygest, including the MdM (Machine-driven Maintenance) software and the Machinery Check application, to improve the efficiency of production systems.

What is the meaning of OEE?

OEE is a key performance indicator (KPI) used to measure the overall efficiency of a production system, taking into consideration three main factors: availability, performance and quality. These factors reflect the actual utilisation of resources, the speed of production and the percentage of products that meet the required specifications.

How to calculate the OEE indicator:

OEE can be calculated by multiplying the three basic efficiency metrics. The formula is as follows:

OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality

In detail:

  • Availability: represents the percentage of time the production system was available for actual production, excluding downtime due to maintenance, breakdowns or other unplanned interruptions;
  • Performance: indicates the actual production speed compared to the theoretical maximum speed of the system. This factor considers time losses due to waiting times, production changeover times and other process inefficiencies;
  • Quality: represents the percentage of products that conform to the required specifications. It considers production losses due to defects, rejects or the need for further processing.

How to optimise your OEE indicator with Sygest solutions

Sygest, a leading provider of business management software solutions, offers solutions to help companies improve their OEE calculation and optimise their production systems. These solutions include the MdM software and the Machinery Check application, which offer numerous advantages for the efficiency of production processes.

  • MdM (Machine-driven Maintenance) is the preventive maintenance management software that helps the manufacturer provide an advanced man-machine interface for machine management. In particular, the system is able to collect signals such as device detection at predefined intervals, system or individual drive operation times and machine efficiency in real-time.
  • App machinery Check: Sygest has developed a mobile application, called Machinery Check, which, by collecting data on the operation of the machine/plant, allows it to assist and support the operator during maintenance work. This app makes it possible to detect and promptly resolve any anomalies or faults, improving the availability and performance of the production system.

The OEE indicator is a powerful tool to assess the efficiency of production systems. Calculating and optimising OEE can help companies maximise productivity, reduce waste and improve product quality.

Sygest’s solutions support companies in optimising OEE and improving the efficiency of their production systems.

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