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Machine Driven Maintenance

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Machine-driven Maintenance (MdM 4.0): machine-driven maintenance for Industry 4.0

Machine-driven Maintenance (MdM 4.0) is an advanced preventive maintenance software that features a sophisticated man-machine interface, fostering dialogue between the machines sold and the digital maintenance system provided by Sygest (Web Spare Parts, App Spare Parts, Digital Advanced Visualization).

All the data generated by the digital maintenance machines can be transmitted and stored in the Cloud, in order to support future strategic and operational decisions effectively and efficiently.

In this respect, those who opt for Sygest's preventive maintenance software will be able to offer exceptional proactivity and efficiency to their end customers.

Sygest’s system, designed for digital machine maintenance, can graphically display ongoing problems and required maintenance on the 3D model of the machine.

Machine-driven Maintenance functions:

Machine-driven Maintenance is a powerful and versatile software that can receive signals from the PLC, sensors and other detection systems on a local server database:

  • preventive maintenance signalling;
  • event-based machine alarms (start and end of alarm);
  • real-time machine efficiency (productivity, stoppages).

gestionale manutenzioni

Machine-driven Maintenance (MdM) can work with any type of manufactured machine, detecting alarms and exceeded thresholds that trigger alerts, and providing crucial information to local maintenance technicians and the manufacturer for preventive or corrective maintenance activities.

Another function is to initiate maintenance 4.0 within the plant by requesting intervention from the end customer's technicians and to directly open a ticket with the manufacturer by requesting a specialist.

With this customer service ticketing software, the manufacturer can proactively offer customers preventive maintenance services for an annual fee; the same services can be activated through a tiered contract.

The software can collect signals for maintenance 4.0, such as:

  • device detection at predefined intervals;
  • machine alarms per event (start and end of alarm);
  • preventive maintenance;
  • operating times of plant or individual drive;
  • real-time machine efficiency (productivity, stoppages).

Digital maintenance

The MdM allows the use of:

  • A user-configurable web dashboard that monitors the collected signals, processes them using KPI logic and reports alarms/criticalities.
  • A web app available for the plant manager or maintenance manager to check machine/plant operation in real time.

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The 3D graphical interface (DAV), used in the plant aboard the machine or on a tablet connected to it, highlights:

  • the part of the machine where an alarm has occurred (corrective maintenance);
  • the part which, depending on the number of working hours or the number of repeated actions over a certain period, requires action to replace the element (preventive maintenance).

The DAV interface represents an advanced Human-Machine Interface (HMI) where maintenance 4.0 support is integrated with the reporting of occurred problems.

Preventive maintenance focuses on the component, considering the “control” thresholds of individual drives, motors, without obliging the maintainer to completely change a set of parts when a certain number of hours has been reached.

The Cloud version is primarily aimed at the manufacturer and can be made available to the customer, allowing them to view the situation of machines in various establishments located around the world through the appropriately profiled Web/Web App dashboard.


  • Advanced HMI system
  • Integrated visual documentation with machine diagnostics
  • All necessary documentation for interventions available to the operator
  • Automatic ticket opening to the manufacturer
  • Proactivity of the manufacturer in providing maintenance services, including Cloud services


SolidRules®: Customer Service Ticketing System

SolidRules® is a powerful digital ticketing software that enables opening reports on any business process.

Specifically, the customer uses the ticket to open a service request for internal handling or advancement to the manufacturer for planning support activity: each customer service employee has custom dashboards containing the necessary information to manage the ticketing system.

The customer service ticketing system can be associated with the customer, one of their locations and the serial number of the machine to quickly retrieve the history of technical interventions and maintenance activities performed. From a ticket, various activities can arise, including the initiation of an intervention.

The SolidRules® ticketing software allows tracking all activities performed by technicians during both the ticket and intervention phase, whether performed in person or remotely.



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