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Optimizing freight forwarding logistics: The Zacmi case


Zanichelli Meccanica S.p.A.

Solution adopted

Packing List Photo


Zanichelli Meccanica (ZACMI) is a leading engineer and manufacturer of food packaging machinery. Founded in 1948, ZACMI drives innovation in the industry by offering high quality and reliable solutions for the packaging needs of food companies worldwide.


ZACMI faced significant challenges during freight forwarding logistics:

  • Excessively long times for the creation of old data sheets.
  • Frequent errors in the generation of packing lists, which could then cause delays and confusion in the management of shipments.

Solution adopted

To optimise company logistics and the management of goods shipments, ZACMI has implemented Sygest's Packing List Photo solution (Spare Parts module and Light Machine module).

This solution is able to guarantee:

  • Packing list photo generation, which allows the relevant images to be associated with the goods shipped, so as to achieve better identification and matching of each individual product sent;
  • Web browser and/or app visualisation (on mobile devices) of the contents of crates, pallets and containers, for more efficient and transparent management and closer monitoring of goods shipments:
  • Production of component and box labels;
  • The output of the Packing List Photo available in different formats, providing greater flexibility and compatibility.

Results achieved

By implementing the Packing List Photo solution, ZACMI has achieved the following results:

  • Significant reduction in packaging preparation time;
  • Provision of clear, visual information to better identify each individual item being shipped;
  • Possibility of having, at any time and in real time, visual feedback of the material being shipped, thus improving operational efficiency;
  • Optimisation of the positioning of items within the pre-determined packaging, reducing the risk of damage during transport.


By partnering with Sygest and implementing the Packing List Photo solution, ZACMI has transformed its freight forwarding process, improving operational efficiency, reducing packaging preparation time and ensuring greater accuracy in logistics management.

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