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App Spare Parts

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Management of spare parts catalogues from mobile devices

“Spare Parts Catalogue - App Spare Parts” is an application that allows users to access and navigate spare parts catalogues from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones (Android operating system), as well as iPads and iPhones (iOS operating system). These catalogues are generated by the “Spare Parts Catalogue Builder” (a software that automatically creates spare parts manuals).
Unlike the Web version, the “App Spare Parts” is written entirely in a native format and offers users the option to download catalogues for offline consultation, that is a significant advantage of this spare parts catalogue software.

How it works

From their mobile device, users can use “App Spare Parts” to:

• consult spare parts manuals both online and offline
• navigate the BOM, 2D tables and 3D models interactively
order spare parts
• manage electrical and pneumatic diagrams

“App Spare Parts” can be downloaded from:

• Apple Store
• Google Play

3D format

The “App Spare Parts” software also facilitates the use of spare parts catalogues in 3D format on mobile devices, offering additional functions, such as:

rendering and direct observation of the component
visualization of the activities involved in the assembly and disassembly of parts (through 3D model animations, videos and photo-realistic images)


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Navigate through 2D, 3D or mixed parts catalogues
  • Download updated spare parts catalogues in online mode
  • Work offline with downloaded spare parts catalogues
  • Manage kits and parametric codes
  • Display a list of recommended spare parts
  • Order spare parts with a simple click
  • Prepare the order in offline mode for later dispatch

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