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We look forward to seeing you at Booth C28 - Hall 21. March 06 to 08 (BolognaFiere)

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    Sygest at MECSPE 2024

    The solutions we will present at MECSPE 2024

    • SYS Suite: is the complete range of software solutions developed for the purpose of making automatic, effective and efficient all activities related to service management of engineering companies while providing innovative and differentiating service to its customers. It consists of five integrated modules:
      1. Spare Parts Catalog Builder – the heart of SYS Suite, the “engine” from which everything starts. It is the solution for automatic generation of interactive 2D and 3D parts manuals from ERP and PLM data.
      2. Digital Advanced Visualization – the desktop application for 3D parts visualization and associated information management (documents, images, videos).
      3. Web Spare Parts – the web portal dedicated to publishing spare parts manuals, managing spare parts offers and sales, and managing sales and after-sales documentation.
      4. Machinery Check App – application to assist and support the operator during maintenance itnervices
      5. Packing List Photo – Creation packing list with photos and web/app view of contents of crates, pallets and containers. Also present is the Full 3D Packing List
    • Company System – is a computer system containing all the applications essential for managing business processes, which communicate with each other (thus obviating the problem of interoperability) for data management and processing. It is a single solution that provides various functionalities of PDM/PLM, CRM, product configurator, document management, ticket management, and technician maintenance interventions. – solution in cloud for the registration and the management of the visitor inputs in company, enabling automatically register and Digitally manage all  user accesses in a safe, convenient and efficient manner
    • InUse (IoT) – is the solution for After-sales that allows proactive support services to be built and deployed by acquiring data directly from the machine (IoT). The system includes the following services Smart maintenance Remote monitoring No-code data analysis
    • QenteR® – solution in cloud  for the registration and the management of the visitor inputs in company, which allows automatically register and Digitally manage all  user accesses in a safe, convenient and efficient manner