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After-sales at the heart of design: The Ycom case



Solution adopted

Web Spare Parts (WSP)

Digital Advanced Visualization (DAV)



After-sales service is playing an increasingly important role for the manufacturing industry and represents added value in terms of both turnover and competitiveness.
Very often companies set as their sole objective the acquisition of new customers for the sale of machines, underestimating some equally important services that can guarantee significant margins: this is the case with after-sales service.
The manufacturing sector is a complex and highly competitive industry where support and after-sales service is an essential factor for performance.

Corporate customers are increasingly demanding more flexibility and more efficient services with a low initial investment. To meet these demands, it is therefore necessary to improve customer service by taking advantage of digital platforms such as, for example, ticketing systems to track support requests or assistance to intervene remotely in troubleshooting in real time.
In addition, after-sales service allows companies to obtain more information about the customer and the machines. In particular:
- Data to improve design: the data, the information gathered can bring out design aspects to be improved and thus, for example, solve future malfunctions upstream.
- Machine status information: it allows us to understand how customers use machines and act proactively to prevent downtime.
Sygest has created a system for managing spare parts and the entire sphere of after-sales services with the aim of making all the service-related activities of metalworking companies automatic, effective and efficient and, at the same time, providing an innovative and differentiated service to its customers.


The following is the case study of YCOM, a leading Italian company in the design of advanced technology in the motorsport and competition sector with a focus on after-sales service.
YCOM was founded in 2008 to realise motorsport projects and quickly positioned itself as a specialised company able to cover all the steps of vehicle development, from the design phase of the car, to the production phase, to track testing.
Over the years, the Emilian company has grown exponentially and is now recognised as one of the most advanced companies for accelerating the development of motorsport projects and for various mobility sectors.
Making confidentiality one of the core values of its work supporting the major OEMs racing in the major motorsport championships, YCOM is the behind-the-scenes partner that has helped bring iconic cars to victory and marked racing history. Some well-known projects in which the YCOM team has been involved include the Lotus Evora GT, the Audi R18 and the very recent Maserati GT2 project.

Solution adopted


As early as 2019, YCOM had already implemented the modules of Sygest's SYS® Suite for the automatic creation of 3D interactive spare parts with the aim of offering innovative and efficient race service for customers.
In particular, through the technology of SYS Suite®'s Spare Parts Catalog Builder application and the data coming from CAD, YCOM is able to generate interactive spare parts catalogues in 3D format and, with just a few clicks, the ability to select the desired spare parts directly from the model.
For the publication and sale of spare parts, the Emilia-based company has implemented Sygest's web portal, Web Spare Parts, which allows, in a single interface, to view all the necessary service and after-sales documents, guaranteeing the user instant knowledge of their search information and the loading of the parts to be requested from the supplier into the cart.
The interactive parts portal features an online version that customers can access directly to order the desired parts.
In addition, the YCOM team also has an offline version (Digital Advanced Visualisation), a function that is particularly useful at the race track if there is no internet connection.


A recent project in which YCOM is an official technical partner is the S1-X electric racing scooter made for the eSkootr Championship (eSC), the world's first competition scooter championship whose opening season took place last year.
The YCOM team was responsible for the development of the entire S1-X vehicle and the production of 50 scooters, plus all the spare parts.
During the championship, the link to the online catalogue was shared with the competing teams, who, with their own dedicated account, had access to order spare parts online independently. Generally, the request for spare parts was handled within the week and always delivered by the next race.

In parallel, YCOM's engineers used the offline portal to support the teams during races and handle requests directly from the track.
The implementation of technological tools and continuous innovation is the basis of all YCOM's activities: it is a cross-disciplinary drive for all departments and all company processes and is aimed at the continuous improvement of the services offered to customers.

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