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Integrated and multi-device after-sales management: Cavanna case study



Solution adopted

Spare Parts Catalog Builder (SPCB)

Web Spare Parts (WSP)

Cavanna Packaging Group is an established and constantly growing international manufacturer of flowpack packaging systems, founded in 1960 in Italy.

The group has over 6.000 complete systems or individual machines installed and more than 900 customers served.

With numbers of this scale, the company experienced the need to strengthen its after-sales management not only in terms of resources employed, but also entrusting itself to structured software solutions.

Cavanna found in Sygest the ideal partner to work with to improve the quality of the after-sales service for new installations as well as to streamline the spare parts management workflow.

From 2014 to date, Cavanna has gradually introduced in the company all modules of Sygest's Sys Suite for spare parts management, in order to provide a complete service to its customers.

The journey began with Spare Parts Catalog Builder, software that allows the automatic creation of interactive spare parts catalogues, generating an interactive 2D pdf, with balloon lists of commercial parts and lists of recommended spare parts.

Spare Parts Catalog Builder proved to be such an efficient and agile communication platform for receiving offers and placing orders that in 2016 Cavanna decided to add the offline desktop solution Digital Advanced Visualization.

Cavanna upgraded from 2D to 3D, generating 3D catalogues with Spare Parts Catalog Builder to be published on Digital Advanced Visualization. The automatic procedure allowed them to reduce the workload of the technical department by directly generating the 3D of the machine from the CAD data without the need for drafting and ballooning.

With Digital Advanced Visualization installed on the machine, technicians are supported during maintenance operations through the possibility of navigating within a visualiser or from the BOM and identifying the necessary spare parts, consulting instruction manuals, electrical diagrams and interactive animations ('procedures').

In 2016 Cavanna, expanded the Sygest Suite by implementing the App Spare Parts, to have the option of browsing catalogues both online and offline on Android and Ios devices, allowing operators and customers to download catalogues and consult them remotely and to send a request for quotation once connected to the internet.

Thanks to App Spare Parts' own Qr Code reader, the user can scan the Qr Code located on the machine's main assemblies to directly access the 3D catalogue.

It was in 2018 that Cavanna, in order to boost the sale of spare parts online, decided to adopt Sygest's Web Spare Parts: by integrating the E-commerce module into the company website, Cavanna can now manage customer orders with great ease, offering them a structured and user-friendly portal to order spare parts independently.

The results of the ten-year partnership with Sygest are obvious:

• better customer service
• increased sales of spare parts
• time reduction in the activities of the After-Sales BU
• improved corporate image with focus on technology

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