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Automated shipment management: the case of Robopac and Ocme



Solution adopted

Packing List Photo


In today's market it is important not to neglect any of the phases that characterize the sale and after-sales of a product.

In particular, the attention given to a delicate phase such as shipping guarantees a high level of control between the material shipped and prepared by the packager: avoiding customs stops, complaints from customers and shipping errors.

This is why since 2018, to ensure an effective and timely global after-sales and shipping service, Robopac and OCME have invested in Packing List Photo (PLP) by Sygest, a solution designed for shipping material inside crates and pallets with association automatic selection of the related photos.



Solution Adopted

Packing List Photo (PLP) automatically manages, in a digital environment and down to the smallest details, the shipment of spare parts, upgrades, machines and entire production lines. Using mobile devices (tablets, iPads, smartphones and iPhones) capable of reading QR codes, the user, by framing the code applied to the checkout, views the images associated with each item contained therein in real time.



Packing List Photo (PLP) therefore helps Robopac and OCME to:

perfect the packaging methodology;
reduce control times at customs and customers;
• simplify the transmission of data and information to customers and shippers;
• reduce the operating time of installers at end customers' construction sites;
• obtain qualitative advantages, increasing the perceived level of service and improving the company image and reputation.

The company

Robopac and OCME are industrial excellences strongly rooted in the territory but at the same time protagonists in the main international markets, with 90% of their machines and lines exported outside the Italian borders.


Robopac San Marino, Robopac System and OCME, leading companies in the packaging sector specializing in end-of-line solutions, produce and market a wide range of packaging machines worldwide.

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