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Software for interactive spare parts catalog: what it is and why it is important for a company

Software for interactive spare parts catalog is increasingly becoming an important and indispensable part of the business of engineering companies.

Having the ability to have a software for spare parts catalog that can provide, in real time, all information and stock availability of spare parts, is an essential element capable of customer loyalty because it ensures a high efficiency of the service and after-sales level.

Software for interactive spare parts catalog | Sygest

An interactive spare parts catalog is generated digitally and is usable online: it contains relevant data that enable both identification and ordering of individual spare parts.

All the details and individual features of the spare parts are present in the form of exploded perspective drawings and correctly indicate their assembly/disassembly sequence: in this way, the exploded drawing can be consulted and used by the technician who will then be in charge of the individual maintenance steps.

Illustrations are directly linked to the corresponding information within the spare parts list: clicking on a specific portion of the table or a single part of the drawing displays all available and complete information inherent to the required part.

Through the various search modes and navigation features of the software for interactive spare parts catalog, assemblies or individual assembly parts can be identified.

The program can be navigated by taking advantage of the tree structure, which reflects the hierarchical subdivision of spare parts catalogs, while drawings, on the other hand, allow navigation to specific parts and assembly groups by simply clicking on the element.

Finally, this type of spare parts management software provides additional benefits to the manufacturer through the use and integration of all existing data, such as: parts lists, drawings, models, schematics, pricing, service documents such as operation and maintenance manuals, technical service video tutorials for routine maintenance and extraordinary maintenance, etc.

How a B2B e-commerce boosts after-sales revenue

The goal of manufacturing engineering companies is to fully meet the needs of their customers, so that they can in order to offer them, service technicians and dealers, a simple and immediate support, capable of facilitating and making smarter the processing of purchase orders of the spare parts.

For this reason, requests have increased in recent years regarding software for interactive spare parts catalog solutions with an attached spare parts e-commerce module for direct web sales of the parts themselves.

With this scenario, all useful information is present within a single digital information system, always up-to-date and available at all times, accessible through any device.

What’s more, through the integration of a B2B e-commerce module, the processing of spare parts purchase orders is facilitated, cutting down timeframes and ensuring excellent after-sales and service.

Web Spare Parts: the ideal solution for spare parts management and sales

Web Spare Parts (link) is the innovative spare parts management and sales software solution, developed by Sygest, that can also integrate CRM and Ticketing systems internally with Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.

Through the use of a web portal, Web Spare Parts allows you to: publish interactive spare parts catalogs in both 2D and 3D formats, sell spare parts through its spare parts e-commerce module, and manage all sales and after-sales documentation.

Software for interactive spare parts catalog | Sygest

The way to search and an individual component is easy and straightforward: the user can click directly on the 2Dtable/3D model or from the BOM. Once the interested piece is identified, it is placed in the shopping cart to obtain a bid request.

On the positions of the exploded tables, Web Spare Parts (link) allows you to manage KITs and parametric codes: each catalog can be associated with a list of “recommended” spare parts that can be accessed in preferential mode and with the possibility of also associating photos of the components.

This spare parts management software solution allows users to structure a hierarchy of users and search for documents by setting filters on language, model, serial number, document type, and customer. In addition, there is the ability to explode 3D models, move components out of their assembly in order to highlight a specific one and then open a ticket directly from the 2D/3D table.

When connected to enterprise ERP software, Web Spare Parts (link) can show real-time stock availability of various parts and provide supply estimates. Finally, it can be integrated with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems.

The web portal is user-friendly with multilingual support, and is designed to provide an easy and immediate browsing experience, accessible from any device, such as: PC, tablet or smartphone.

The module e-commerce spare parts by Web Spare Parts (link) allows users to purchase spare parts for a specific serial number (Dedicated Spare Parts) either in the mode 2D which 3D through direct navigation on the template, so as to offer a shopping experience very similar to what happens in regular B2C e-commerce.

Finally, the solution includes two additional modules:

  • General Spare Parts: to browse trade codes by searching/selecting them by part number, description, manufacturer or category.
  • Options & Upgrades: to propose standard solutions related to plant or machine upgrades, bringing the benefits of the latest technological developments to the customer’s lines.

More info

To receive more information about the WebSpare Parts solution and for further discussion of the topics covered regarding the software for interactive spare parts catalog, please email e.corradini@sygest.it