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Ticketing System: Help Desk


After-sales service increasingly represents an essential business for companies in the manufacturing sector. In many cases, globally, it is the preponderant part of the profit, especially for companies working on a contract basis where each machine has a 20-30% component designed and manufactured specifically for the end customer.


Further growth in this business comes through the digitisation of service and the creation of package services that become ‘recurring’ revenue for companies.

A package service is a subscription with the possibility of access to solutions that the manufacturer makes available to its customer to facilitate maintenance and, above all, in being able to maintain a very high level of efficiency (OEE) on the system.

Among the most usual things within this package we have the help desk ticketing service that allows the end customer’s staff to easily access assistance from the manufacturers’ technicians.

How does the ticketing system work?

There are various ways in which a service request can be sent via ticketing, starting with simply logging in to a portal with a username and password up to particularly advanced cases where it is the machine that directly opens the call to the manufacturer having been set up for an emergency situation.

Sygest is able to provide all the above solutions for access to the ticketing system, but also adds an intermediate solution where the operator directly from the B2B spare parts e-commerce portal or from the application running on the PC on board the machine can, by simply pressing a button, without changing screen, send a service request with associated documentation. The request then enters the management portal of the B2B ticketing system, which the end customer’s operators and maintenance staff can access to check the status of the ticket and its progress.

The immediacy of service ticketing

Immediacy of operation is essential when problems occur, and being able to have a single environment from which to access the manufacturer’s various services, in a contextual manner, becomes crucial.

Ticketing systems are now the only way to access the manufacturer’s assistance, especially with a view to 24-hour availability where the technician on call is directly called upon by the system itself.

So, in conclusion, we can say that a manufacturing company today cannot think of not having a ticketing system, in the cloud or on premise, and at the same time must make it easily available to the end customer.

Sygest, with its SyS Suite, is able to provide a solution to all the above-mentioned problems while also providing the appropriate consultancy and expertise for implementation even in complex areas.